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Different Types Slides To Consider When Building A Playground

There are two main components that are considered a must-have for playgrounds: a swing and a slide. Other playground equipment can vary depending on the space, budget, and overall design of the area. As long as there are a swing set and a slide to play with, children will gladly spend hours of fun enjoying the playground.

Here we will take a good look at the different types of playground slides you might want to consider when designing a playground. These are the most popular types that are guaranteed to provide endless fun:

#5: The Open Slides

These slides are your run of the mill slides that are seen everywhere. They are very basic and may be made with plastic or metal and can be attached to another set of playground equipment for a fun way back to the ground or may have a simple ladder to reach the top.

Open slides are simple to install and are very affordable as well. However, they tend to heat up when exposed to the sun. Also, proceed with caution when installing open slides as children may accidentally fall from the sides as the side guards are usually very shallow.

#4: Family Slides

Sometimes parents and guardians want to go down the slide too, which is why family slides are also a popular option for playgrounds. These are very similar to open slides but are significantly wider to accommodate up to two adults and two children together. A family slide is also shorter than the average slide which makes them safer to use, especially for younger children.

#3: Roller Slides

It has happened to us before and will happen to your kids too. There is nothing more frustrating and annoying than getting stuck in the middle of the slide due to too much traction. The solution is to usually scoot until gravity takes over and we get to the bottom, but with the roller slide, getting stuck is never a problem.

The surface of the slide is covered by rows upon rows of rollers to help give each rider that extra push to reach the bottom of the slide. With the help of gravity and those rollers, no child will be left stuck in the middle of a slide again!

#2: Closed Tube Slides

Another very common, but more popular type of slide is the closed tube slide. They are just like any regular slide but provide the extra coverage against the heat of the sun. Plus, the tubes make it seem like riders are going down a waterslide, who wouldn’t enjoy that feeling?

#1: The hillside slide

Hillside slides are exactly what they sound like. This type of slide can be open or closed because its main feature is where it is built. These slides are installed in areas that are usually left unused because of the elevation of the land. A good way to avoid wasting the space is to install a hillside slide and make use of gravity without needing to spend on excavation costs. It’s the perfect playground win-win.

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