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Disaster Restoration Services: Tips to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Water-related disasters definitely rank high among the several disasters that buildings are prone to. This is due to the lasting debilitating effects that it had on buildings even long after the building might have been drained out and cleaned up. This can be avoided by calling on professional that offer disaster restoration services rather than trying to remediate the building yourself.

There are several ways through which your building might become compromised due to water damages. This could be from leaky or burst water pipes, high humidity or lack of regular maintenance. The good news is that these can be prevented with specific actions. In the bathrooms for instance where it is certain that the humidity will always be high, you can have an exhaust fan installed. You can also do a regular check on the visible pipes that are in the kitchen and other aspects of the house and replace anyone that is rusty and old.

Observation also matters a lot as it can prevent you from carrying out major repairs by making earlier smaller repairs or maintenance. An observant homeowner, for instance, would know that some part of the wall is always damp, and a trace of the cause of that might reveal an in-wall leaking water pipe. He might also be quick to notice spots on the walls that foretell an impending mold infestation and thus proceed to wipe out the infiltrator before it becomes a very serious issue.

Water disaster much like most other disaster doesn’t just affect the structure, but everything within and as such is important that it is prevented to the best of your abilities. When it does happen, however, always employ the services of professional disaster restoration companies as they are best suited to handle the situation and leave your home once again habitable.

What You Should Know

You should know that most times when there is water damage, it is often due to leaky or burst pipes. The roof gutters are also another aspect of the house that causes water damage. As such, you would do well to check these from time to time. More specifically, you would want to check out the water supply to the washing machine, dishwashers and toilets.

In addition, you would want to put the extra measure in place to make sure that your water pipes are working optimally or you might want to use steel hoses where possible. You also don’t want to flush foreign materials down your toilet, especially those that are not soluble in water such as nylons, as they might clog the pipes.

When the Damage Has Already Occurred

Sometimes even with all the measures put in place, you might still fall prey to water disaster. This isn’t the time to panic, but time to cut your losses and ensure that it doesn’t get worse. How?

  • Cut off the water supply if you can.
  • Make the floors as bare as you can by removing any carpet or rugs to avoid stains.
  • Use mops to remove excess water, and then wipe everything in the structure down. These include furniture and some appliances or household items.
  • Use your heating system to dehumidify the air.

While the above can help you reduce the damage incurred, it is paramount that you call on the services of a professional disaster restoration company that is IICRC qualified to inspect and carry out the needed repairs in your home.

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