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Step by Step Guide to Plant Cloning

What is plant cloning?

Plant cloning refers to the cloning of a plant, typically involving taking a cutting of a plant from the parent plant and encouraging new roots to develop in order to duplicate the plant. Parent plants can be cloned multiple times, offering several benefits and advantages. And, the great news is that cloning a plant is not as hard as many people first anticipate, and can be do in numerous different ways!

Cloning plants – Methods

Method 1

  1. Select a stone and healthy plant to take your clone from, ensuring that it is a well-established plants is very important
  2. Take your cutting, cutting the stem at a 45% angle
  3. Put your cutting in rooting hormone gel for approximately 30 seconds, or however long your packet advises
  4. Trim your cuttings branches and leaves so that your cutting can focus primarily on root growth at this stage

Method 2

  1. Soak a rock wool cube in water to lower PH levels and place your cutting in the rockwool cube until roots form (approximately 7 days)
  2. Place dampened soil in a small pot and place your cutting in the pot also, allowing roots to develop for a further 3 weeks, watering adequately

Method 3

  • Place your cutting in  neoprene insert ensuring that stems hang at lease an inch below the lid
  • Follow the instruction  of the machine to provide stems with a constant and consistent mist

After plants have started their cloning journeys in any of these ways, they should be ready for hydroponics growing, allowing the cutting to bloom into beautiful plants like their parents, but if ever in doubt, it is important to seek professional advice and assistance. It is important for cutting to be cared for impeccably as plants require much more help in their early stages of growth.

For more information, and to buy hydroponic growing equipment such as a carbon filter, do not hesitate to contact a leading hydroponics supplier such as Green Spirit Hydroponics today. Cloning a plant really can be as easy as you make it.

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