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The Decoration Ideas for Teak Dining Chairs

Dining room becomes the major role in home decoration because this place is where you and your family eat together. Modern dining area is varied from the simple and small design to the big and spacious one. In order to decorate it properly, you need dining sets. At store, the chairs and table are in single product that you buy as package. Besides, you might consider getting separated furniture for them. This is where teak dining chairs come in the right place and time. Well, teak is capable to bring utmost atmosphere in dining room. You can choose the design to adjust your room style.

Recommended Teak Dining Chairs Designs

1. Standard chair

The most popular idea is standard chair that’s very well adjusted to any dining room. This kind of table is suitable to accompany the table. Teak wood provides elegant and bold artistic force while keeps the functionality in proper way. Standard design for teak dining chair has sitting area with no padded installation. This means you sit directly on the wood. Normally dining chair does not have armrest, but the backrest has height from medium to completely hold your head. The armrest is obstacle during meal session. Of course, it is not definitive because some people like to put chairs with extended armrest alongside dining table.

2. Padded and covered chair

The next design of teak dining chairs is padded chair. Sitting directly on hardwood surface might not be comfortable. Therefore, you can add cover to the sitting area. Besides this style, designer also tries to cover the entire chair with fabric or leather. It is quite similar to sofa, but you still see the chair frame. This cover will be in the entire padded side, backrest, and most of frames. You still see the teak wood, but only in small part.

3. Stool and bench

Besides full size chairs, dining room is eligible for stool or bench. Using stool creates flexible atmosphere that people commonly find in a bar. You can sit and move freely without holding backrest. Moreover, bench is suitable where you install dining set without clearance to nearby wall. Using bench means the installation is fixed. There is no room at back area to let people roam easily. In this case, the stools and bench use teak wood that’s adjusted with table set design.

Each design has advantages and disadvantages. Everyone has different perspective, view, and opinion regarding the chairs for dining room. So, you just pick the teak dining chairs that fit your own style and preference.

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